Modivitasan organic modifier

When to use Modivitasan?

Modivitasan, represents an important alternative to supplement nutricional deciencies in grazing livestock by stimulating voluntary consumption of pastures with a consequent increase of weight with lower costs of treatments. It also optimizes production in animals with over exigency, stunting, weakness especially for intensive livestock rearing.

Extensive livestock rearing

  • As a "natural fattening" agent, increasing weight gain
  • To increase the milk production
  • To increase the wool production
Extensive breeding

Intensive livestock rearing

  • To recover stunted animals
  • To increase animal production
  • As an aid for metabolic diseases caused by production over exigency
Intensive breeding

For both kind of rearing

  • To recover weak animals due to extreme weather conditions, like extreme cold and droughts
  • To recover from infectious and parasitic diseases
  • To improve general condition
  • To restore from stress and post stress conditions